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Is a Slow Loading Website Costing You Business?


SEO has many ranking factors, one of them being page speed. Not only is page speed highly important for SEO, your visitors are most likely going to exit your site if it takes over 3 seconds to load. Let’s be honest, who really has time to wait for a slow-loading website? On the other hand, a website that’s been optimized for speed keeps your visitors interested. In return, this helps increase your conversions and revenue.

We include our website speed optimization service in every new website we build. Not one of our web design clients? No problem, we also offer optimization as an individual service.

Website Speed Optimization Before /After


Improving a website’s page speed consists of optimizing many technical aspects. Below you can find what we do to make a site load ultra-fast. We understand that most of our visitors won’t understand this list, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Minify CSS

  • Minify Javascript

  • Optimize Images

  • Lazy Load Images

  • Remove Query Strings

  • Leverage Browser Caching

  • Gzip Compression

  • Combine Requests

  • Text Compression

  • Server Migration

google pagespeed insights before
google pagespeed insights after

Fast Website Scores On Leading Test Tools


While there are many tools to check how fast a website loads, we stick to Google Pagespeed Insights and GTmetrix because they provide detailed, accurate data.  After page speed optimization, websites average 95+ on GTmetrix and Pagespeed Insights Desktop. Mobile scores average 80+.


GTMetrix is one of our preferred tools to measure page speed since it provides us with actionable data. The test provides individual scores for javascript minification, html minification, image optimization, and 23 others. It then adds all of them up for a total score. The test also tells us how many seconds it takes for the website to load as well as the total page size.

Google Pagespeed

Unlike other tools, Google Pagespeed Insights provides 2 scores, one for mobile and one for desktop. Pagespeed Insights measures mobile loading times by emulating 3G connection speeds to ensure users all over the world get a fast loading time. This explains why desktop page score is always faster than the mobile score.

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Server / Hosting:

Hosting plays a major role in how fast your website loads. We find that too many business websites are still on shared web hosting. While this is fine for a personal blog, it’s not the way to go for a serious business. Think of shared hosting as 1 single computer (server) that hosts hundreds if not thousands of other accounts on it. How can a website be fast if the server’s resources like memory, and cpu usage are being exhausted by other users? For small to medium sized websites, we recommend VPS hosting. For enterprise-level website we recommend using a private server.

Sloppy Code:

Every website consists of html, css, and javascript code. This code tells browsers what to display and how to display it. Having unorganized code will slow down your site since it will take longer for the server to render everything.

If using WordPress, having too many plugins will slow down your site. Many plugins load on pages even when they are not in used. This is extra unnecessary code that will for sure slow down your website


Enormous Images:

Images are a great way to catch the attention of your visitors and make your website stand out. However, having huge images is a fast way to increase the size of your page and decrease your page speed load time. You might be asking yourself, how do I have showcase my images then? There are a couple of online tools which decrease file size without compromising the quality of the image.

One of our preferred tools for image optimization is Shortpixel. Not only does Shortpixel decrease file size, but it also keeps the image quality.

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